The Polecat Creek Bridge

Polecat Creek Bridge is a simple, single-arch bridge in southwest Butler County, Kansas. This bridge is located near Douglass, spanning Polecat Creek on 230th Street in Richland Township. It is the only stone arch bridge in Butler County that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Setting Polecat Creek Bridge is anContinue reading “The Polecat Creek Bridge”

The Building of the Stone Arch Bridges of Butler County, Kansas — Part 3

The Cowley County commissioners were pleased with Butler and Greenwood’s stone arch bridges. They promptly awarded Walter Sharp the contract for a stone bridge over Timber Creek in late 1901. Walter Sharp began to spend more time in Cowley. Cowley was a new territory for Butler’s stone masons. Abe Matheney found work in Cowley beginningContinue reading “The Building of the Stone Arch Bridges of Butler County, Kansas — Part 3”

The Thompson Bridge

The Thompson Bridge in southern Cowley County, Kansas, is an intriguing little stone bridge spanning a branch of Badger Creek. The Thompson Bridge was built by Jerry Hammond in 1906, as verified by the plaque located on the downstream face of the bridge. The bridge was originally known as the Chase Bridge, being named afterContinue reading “The Thompson Bridge”

Pudden Bridge (Esch’s Spur Bridge): History and Heritage

After extensive research, we are now releasing for the public An Illustrated History of Esch’s Spur Bridge — the large triple-arch stone bridge near Dexter in Cowley County, Kansas. This bridge is also known as Kirk or Pudden Bridge. We have taken the time to research and write out a detailed and illustrated history ofContinue reading “Pudden Bridge (Esch’s Spur Bridge): History and Heritage”