New Resources Added to the Butler County, Kansas, Stone Bridge Page

Sycamore Springs Bridge

We have updated our list of stone arch bridges of Butler County, Kansas. Now included for the convenience of those who want to see the county’s bridges is a map. This map shows (in green) all the existing stone arch bridges and culverts in Butler County. Each bridge on the map is represented by a number, and we added a corresponding number for reference purposes to each bridge on our list. The list itself is now organized by the total length of the spans of each bridge. The span length of each bridge, as stated by the old, local newspapers is now also listed.

That is not all, however. The new map shows, to the best of our knowledge, the locations of all the stone bridges built by Butler County, save one 1915 culvert, which has not been added yet pending further research. All the bridges are represented by color-coded numbers (as mentioned above), with the color indicating the status of the bridge. These numbers are not arbitrary; they also represent, as nearly as we could determine, the order the bridges were completed in.

Another modification to the Butler bridge page is an index at the bottom with links that go to the corresponding article in the series of posts we recently completed on all the stone bridges built by Butler County. These posts, which are designed to be used with the bridge map, include a table with information on all the county-built bridges, and give a good overview of Butler’s stone bridges built in the year ranges they covered. We hope this information will be useful and interesting to all the stone arch bridge enthusiasts who read this website.

Stone Arch Bridges of Butler County, Kansas