Two New Additions to Our List of Stone Bridges of Butler County, Kansas

Glencoe Township Culvert

Butler County, Kansas, built numerous stone bridges over the years, and most of the remaining ones are well known. As part of our in-depth newspaper research on the stone bridges of this county, we have found the locations of many other not-so-well-known bridges and culverts built of stone. While most of these other bridges mentioned in the newspapers have been replaced, we did find two culverts that still remain. We have added these culverts to our list of Butler County stone bridges, and have also updated the accompanying map accordingly.

The Section 9 Rosalia Culvert

As those who have read our series on the builders and locations of the bridges of Butler County may recall, in our list of the 1908–1918 Butler County–built bridges we originally mentioned a culvert in section 9 Rosalia Township built in 1915. At the time we did not know if this culvert existed or not, and stated as much, saying we were waiting further information. A recent visit to the area revealed that this 1915 culvert built by C. C. Jamison still remains on Cattlepen Road, and we have updated our information accordingly.

Rosalia Township Culvert
The Section 9 Rosalia Township culvert.

Though rather battered over the years, the upstream face of this 10′-span culvert remains nearly unaltered.

Glencoe Township Culvert

On the same day we confirmed the existence of the Rosalia Township culvert, we also confirmed the existence of a culvert in Glencoe Township. Carrying SE 80th Street, this culvert is a classic township culvert from the heyday of stone culverts in Butler County. A little battered, especially on the upstream side, this culvert nonetheless is rather picturesque and quite interesting, and the downstream side still largely retains its original apperance.

Glencoe Township Culvert
The SE 80th Street culvert in Glencoe Township.

The workmanship on this stone culvert is somewhat crude, but entirely practical. This rougher work is typical of a township-built stone culvert, and makes this small structure all the more intriguing. This is a rare example of an early township culvert in Butler County.