Updated Cowley County, Kansas, Stone Bridge Page

We have now updated our page of the stone arch bridges of Cowley County, Kansas, to include a map. Though the Cowley bridges are well documented, (even down to strategically placed signs to guide tourists to the bridges) we thought that adding a downloadable map to this page would help readers. This map and the corresponding list shows the stone bridges known to be on the roads of Cowley. We hope this resource will be useful!

More Cowley Stone Bridges?

As an interesting aside, it is possible that there are more Cowley County stone bridges waiting to be discovered. Just as Butler County townships built numerous stone culverts, Cowley County townships decided to use stone for their culverts as well. These small culverts are generally poorly documented; thus there is potential for more discoveries in Cowley. Incidentally, the diminutive Stalter Bridge near Rock is almost certainly a township-built stone culvert.