Stone Arch Bridges of Cowley County, Kansas

The stone arch bridges of Cowley County, Kansas, have been famous statewide for many years. One major reason the Cowley bridges are so famous is their size. While other counties built many stone arch bridges, Cowley County consistently used the stone arch bridge to span their streams, large and small. Below is a list of the existing known stone arch bridges located on public roads; for information on the private Horse Creek Bridge, which is nevertheless clearly visible from Grouse Creek Road, click here. A general summery of Cowley stone arch bridges can be found here.

For the aid of those who wish to tour the picturesque stone arch bridges of Cowley County, we have compiled a map of the known stone arch bridges and culverts in the county. The bridges are shown on the map with the aid of a number. For aid in reference, on the list below the number we used to depict a given bridge on the map will be clearly stated.

Note: Please no trespassing. To the best of our knowledge, the listed bridges are located on public roads. In case of questions or problems feel free to contact us.

A List of the Existing Stone Arch Bridges on the Roads of Cowley County, Kansas

This list, which can be used in conjunction with the map above, is composed of the known existing stone arch bridges on the roads of Cowley County, Kansas. On the list below we have called the bridges their original names where possible followed by the names they are more commonly known by.

Kirk Bridge/Pudden Bridge/Esch’s Spur Bridge

Pudden Bridge
Kirk/Esch’s Spur/Pudden Bridge.


Neer Bridge

Neer Bridge
Neer Bridge.


Rock Creek Bridge

  • Where: Spanning Rock Creek on 22nd Road near Rock, Kansas.
  • Map Number 3.
Rock Creek Bridge
Rock Creek Bridge.


Jordan Bridge/Andes Bridge

  • Where: Spanning Silver Creek on 192nd Road near Winfield.
  • Built By: Walter Sharp.
  • When: 1909.
  • Further Reading: Andes Bridge.
  • Map Number: 4.
Andes Bridge
Jordan/Andes Bridge.


Fromm Bridge

  • Where: Spanning Grouse Creek on 275th Road near Cambridge.
  • When: 1917.
  • Map Number 5.
Fromm Bridge
Fromm Bridge


George Steele’s Bridge/Muret Bridge

  • Where: Spanning Silver Creek on 232nd Road near Winfield.
  • Built By: Walter Sharp.
  • When: 1904.
  • Map Number 6.
Muret Bridge
George Steele’s Bridge/Muret Bridge


Huston Bridge/Crab Creek Bridge

  • Where: Spanning Crab Creek on 223rd Road near Dexter.
  • Built By: Walter Sharp.
  • When: 1915.
  • Map Number 7.
Crab Creek Bridge
Huston/Crab Creek Bridge.


Silliman Bridge/Badger Creek Bridge

  • Where: Spanning Badger Creek on 121st Road near Winfield.
  • When: Contract let December 1908.
  • Map Number 8.
Silliman Bridge
Silliman/Badger Creek Bridge.


Floral Bridge

  • Where: Spanning Timber Creek on 92nd Road near Floral.
  • Built By: Walter Sharp.
  • When: 1906.
  • Map Number 9.
Floral Bridge
Floral Bridge.


Snodgrass Bridge/Timber Creek Bridge

Snodgrass Bridge
Snodgrass/Timber Creek Bridge.


Olmstead Bridge/Stewart Bridge

  • Where: Spanning Stewart Creek on 51st Road near Udall.
  • Built By: Jerry Hammond.
  • When: 1904.
  • Map Number: 11.
Stewart Bridge
Olmstead/Stewart Bridge.


Dr. Snyder’s Bridge

  • Where: Spanning Spring Creek on 262nd Road near Arkansas City.
  • When: 1935.
  • Map Number: 12.
Dr. Snyder's Bridge
Dr. Snyder’s Bridge.


Black Crook Creek Bridge

  • Where: Spanning Black Crook Creek on Joel Mack Road, just outside of the south edge of Winfield.
  • When: 1908.
  • Map Number: 13.
Black Crook Creek Bridge
Black Crook Creek Bridge.


 Bridge North of Dexter

  • Where: Spanning a small stream on 241st Road just outside of the north edge of Dexter.
  • Map Number: 14.
Stone Bridge North of Dexter
Bridge North of Dexter.

Chase Bridge/Thompson Bridge

  • Where: Spanning a branch of Badger Creek on 182nd Road near Winfield.
  • Built By: Jerry Hammond.
  • When: 1906.
  • Further Reading: The Thompson Bridge.
  • Map Number: 15.
Thompson Bridge
Chase/Thompson Bridge.


Stalter Bridge

  • Where: Spanning the Stalter Branch of Rock Creek on 101st Road near Rock.
  • Map Number: 16.
Stalter Bridge
Stalter Bridge.


Plum Creek Bridge

  • Where: Spanning Plum Creek on 271st Road near Dexter.
  • Built By: Lew Welch
  • When: 1908
  • Map Number: 17
Plum Creek Bridge
Plum Creek Bridge.

Plum Creek Branch Bridge

  • Where: Spanning a branch of Plum Creek on 271st Road near Dexter. (This bridge is a short distance south of the Plum Creek Bridge above; these bridges are within sight of each other, though they are separate structures.)
  • Map Number: 18
271st Road Plum Creek Branch Bridge
Plum Creek Branch Bridge.

182nd Road Culvert

  • Where: Spanning a small, normally dry channel on 182nd Road, about halfway between 182nd’s intersections with 271st Road and 291st Road.
  • Map Number: 19
182nd Road Culvert
182nd Road Culvert.